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Simona Sacco

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Naples

Hello everyone! Well what can I say… certainly I waited a while before writing my opinion about the Master in Multimedia Communication of Naples, almost at the end … This is because certainly during this time my impressions have become certainties and my emotions have become strength! Companions of adventure were for me my course colleagues but above all stable and immutable support was the teacher Dario Copellino, thanks to his meticulousness and his infinite patience in dispensing wisdom! A journey that becomes more complex, with the awareness of one’s own maturity and a baggage full of our becoming… … a baggage gladly supported thanks to the professionalism and sensitivity of the teacher Gianmarco De Stefano, always at our side to transmit security, strength, tenacity and life! … I’m happy… happy to have chosen this trip and to have lived it with you all…

Emmanuel Montarolo

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Milan

The Master in Hospitality Management was a life experience. Thanks to the Up Level teaching system you can acquire the love for this work. In my opinion this is the added value of the Master. I was happy with the choice made and I hope it is the beginning of a career in the hotel industry. Emmanuel

Emanuela Breviario

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Milan

Hello everyone I’m Emanuela and I attend the Master in Hospitality in Milan, and what to say, in addition to congratulating mr. Professors met so far, I thank the Up Level staff for the patience they had towards me, especially the Head of Office, who is still enduring me :-), and for their availability!!! Emanuela Breviary

Nerina Lisci

Master: Tourism Management Location: Rome

After only two weeks from the end of the lessons of the Master in Tourist Management, I am about to start the internship in a tour operator. We hope everything goes well….Thanks Up Level!
I would like to thank all those responsible for the Master and the professors… excellent preparation, excellent professionalism… Thanks for everything!!! Special thanks to Prof. Calabrese, Prof. Iaconisi and Prof. Daniel Elias for their excellent preparation and the constant help they have given us during these months !!!!!

Angela Iavarone

Master: Tourism Management Location: Naples

Hello everyone, my name is Angela and I am attending the master in tourist management at Up level in Naples. I can consider myself fully satisfied with the choice as the course is really very interesting. The presence of very competent and professional teachers has further fueled my passion for the world of tourism. The environment is comfortable thanks also to the very friendly and helpful staff towards all of us. Now the course is not finished so I hope to provide more information in a few months. Good study at all, Angela Iavarone

Morenangela Patti

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Rome

In hand for a few minutes the certificate of MULTIMEDIA PROJECT MANAGER!!!
I would like to thank all the teachers who during these months have given us not only school lessons but also life lessons that will surely serve us to face the future (hopefully next 🙂 ) profession and beyond … Last but not least, I have to thank my classmates… simply fantastic! Thank you all! =)

Valeria Baratta

Master: Tourism Management Location: Rome

Here I am, to leave feedback from your school. What can I say, I attended the Master at the beginning of 2005, and after all these years, I still have a pleasant memory of you, Dr. Calabrese, and Dr. Napolitano (to whom I wish many good wishes) and the professors … The lessons were always interesting and very interactive, and thanks to you I was able to find my way: I started with your internship in study stays abroad and after 5 years I am still here (although at another company). The photo that I have attached to you refers to when I went down to Bari to take the qualification of Technical Director … even there they know you and appreciate you! I hope to be able to visit you soon! In the meantime I send you a chlorous greeting Valeria Baratta

Mariù Fusco

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Naples

Hello everyone, I’m Mariù Fusco, and I attend the master in Multimedia Communication in Naples. I embarked on this adventure with the enthusiasm that I usually put into everything I do… the surprise was to see, during these four months, grow the enthusiasm and the desire to do more and more … despite my good intentions I never imagined to be in such a beautiful environment! First of all I was lucky enough to share this experience with some companions who were fantastic, a nice atmosphere was immediately created, a complicity and collaboration worthy of a real work team!!! Fundamental in making this experience unforgettable were the teachers, Dario Copellino, who helped us to approach the most technical part of the course with a patience and meticulousness that are difficult to find … and of course Gianmarco De Stefano, who with his inspiration, his experience and his great communication skills has made our lessons even more interesting and fun … Today, about a week before the end of the course, I can say with certainty that if I went back I would do this experience again with my eyes closed!!!!

Donata Cuppone

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Milan

What can I say… yesterday ended for me a wonderful experience, both from a formative and personal point of view. I hope that this Master will be a springboard for a career that until a few months ago I did not know, but that now I already love thanks to the enthusiasm, passion and excellent preparation of the teachers who have accompanied us on this path. Special thanks to my crazy class with whom I shared this adventure and to the Coordinators of Up Level for the work they did for us. See you soon! Donata, Master Hospitality Management – Milan

Sara Cantarella

Master: Event Management Location: Milan

Hello everyone! I’m Sara and I attended the Master in Event Management at the Milan office. I am satisfied with the experience recently concluded with Up Level. The program includes some theoretical lessons combined with practical exercises and group projects. I am happy because this master gave me with a good preparation on all kinds of events. Soon I will start the internship and I will finally be able to start my journey in the events sector.

Roberta Pallucci

Master: Event Management Location: Rome

Hello, my name is Roberta and I obtained the Master in Event Management at the Up Level school! The Master was a highly formative, interesting, and a fun experience, full of important notions and creative ideas on the figure of the event organizer. The practical approach allowed you to get involved and learn and/or increase your skills. The course was held by trained teachers and enthusiasts of the trade who transmitted to us not only their knowledge and the necessary technical skills, but also the right spirit with which to face the challenges that the world of events presents. Particularly, I want to thank Francesca for her availability and her humanity, much more than just a teacher. I also want to thank the staff who followed me after the course until the moment when I found the ideal situation for my interests and availability. Thanks especially to Clarissa for not letting me lose motivation in the face of difficulties

Daniela Dato

Master: Event Management Location: Rome

Hello, I’m Daniela and I attended the Master in Event Management at the Rome office of the Up Level School of Management. I can say that the Up Level is not just a school, but it is above all a family. I felt followed in all phases of the training path from the classroom to the internship. The teachers are highly qualified and the lessons interesting and useful. The administration secretariat is always close to the needs of the students. If you want to deepen your knowledge or start from the basics, it’s the right school. I greet you all, thanking you for this experience and for the formative baggage that I carry with me at the end of it.

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