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Giulia Conti

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: C.S.W. Remote Frequency

I have just completed the Master in Communication, Social Media & Digital Marketing and, even if carried out in online (due to Covid-19), it was really a fantastic experience.
A well-thought-out and organized master’s degree, even for those who start from scratch with knowledge in this field.
The lessons have always been super interesting and the professors really available for any doubt and above all very competent.
Being able to put into practice what was learned during the lessons, with the final Project Work, was really useful and stimulating.
I am very satisfied and happy to have chosen this school and this master!

Gabriela Munteanu

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Rome

A school of excellence I would say … despite the crisis created by the COVID-19 emergency, the school has kept its promises to me, and have made my forgotten wish come true. With the help of the great professionals who prepare passionate and willing people, this school is a real help in finding what, with so many difficulties and many renunciations, does not succeed alone. There are people with a high degree of professionalism and skills who help to create other professionals equally prepared in everything.
Thank you Up Level for letting me stay where I am now🙂

Fabrizio Esposito

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Online attendance

High-level school with teachers up to their task. Highly recommend!

Giusy Cardinale

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Rome

I am Giusy and I attend the Master in Hospitality Management. During the theoretical path of the Master I had the opportunity to meet experts in the Hospitality sector who with their professionalism and availability have made the lessons really formative. The theoretical phase of preparation for the internship was in fact fundamental for me in the approach to the labour market. Currently I am an intern at a beautiful and important hotel in Naples where I am cultivating an absolutely formative and growth experience, both from a work and a personal point of view. The internship allows you to fully enter a working reality and to put into practice everything you learn. My colleagues are all very professional and helpful and I am learning a lot from them. I am really excited and satisfied with this work experience that has also introduced me to great people!!!

Annaclaudia Romano

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Online attendance

I found the master’s degree in communication, social media and web marketing of Up Level very educational. Each theoretical lesson corresponds to a practical one, to be carried out either with the colleagues of the master or individually. The thing that struck me most was the clarity and skill of the teachers, Anna and Alessandro in this case, to make us understand the concepts related to marketing and communication, topics that are not always so simple therefore, with a disarming clarity. In addition, the awareness and knowledge that I have acquired during these months about the topics covered have given me the impetus to do interviews for the figure of intern. This week I had a positive response and was hired by a company as a marketing intern. In conclusion, I am very happy to have chosen to follow the Uplevel master’s degree and I highly recommend it.

Emanuele Picano

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Rome

School of Management with highly qualified teachers and staff. In addition to the theoretical lessons held in the classroom, it offers the opportunity to put all the notions into practice, in a training internship at one of their affiliated companies. Excellent window to understand the labour market.

Marcelo Medeiros da Silva

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Milan

Hello, my name is Marcelo and I am currently attending the Master in Hospitality Management in Milan. I graduated in Tourism in Rio de Janeiro and I wanted to have an experience abroad to add value for my CV and deepen my knowledge in the hotel industry. After a careful search on the internet, I found the Up Level School as being the one that best suited my desires. In fact, now, after almost 6 months of classes, I am sure I have made the right choice. The lessons perfectly follow the proposed program, the teachers (all with extensive experience in the sector) are of extreme professionalism and competence, they manage to transmit years of experience and knowledge in a very simple and didactic way making the lessons more interesting and engaging. All the staff was always helpful and kind. I would especially like to thank the Didactic Coordinator for her promptness, professionalism, competence, and commitment. Thank you all!! Kind regards

Osvaldo Petirro

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Naples

Dear travel companions, I’m Osvaldo, I finished for months the Master in Hospitality Management in Naples but few days ago feeling the lack and remembering those 5 unforgettable months I felt the need to return to thank the fantastic professionals who guided me towards a fascinating and exciting world like the hotel reality. A family, a home and a school that in the constant search to strengthen the experiences and skills of each of us combines an elasticity of the teachers and a variety of engaging and stimulating topics. Recommended for those who want to start a new career or simply for those who would like to expand their cultural baggage and keep up with the times!

Veronica Di Cosimo

Master: Tourism Management Location: Rome

Hello, my name is Veronica and I finished the Master in Tourism Management on April 27th at the Rome office. I particularly liked the subject of tourism legislation and the geographical part of discovering the continents. I have always had, since high school, a passion for law and geography; maybe that’s what made me choose this master. The Master left me satisfied both for the contents of the lessons, and for the professionalism and kindness of the teachers and those who work in the School. I recommend it to anyone who wants to embark on a career path in the tourism sector. You can always count on the employees who will be at your disposal, ready to advise and help you.

Alberto D’Alleva

Master: Tourism Management Location: Rome

Hello, my name is Alberto and I finished in 2018 the Master in Tourism Management at the Rome office. The course gave me the theoretical knowledge necessary to correctly face the internship at the end of the Master. The professors are competent and prepared. The secretariat and the didactic coordination available at any request.

Roberto Boccacelli

Master: Hospitality Management Location: Rome

I just finished the Master in Hospitality Management and it was a wonderful experience. It was very useful and I am sure that the knowledge acquired will be very useful for my professional growth. Greetings to the very prepared and helpful teachers and to all the staff of the school. Roberto Boccacelli.

Vincenzo Meo

Master: Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing Location: Naples

Hi I’m Vincenzo, I’m attending the master in “Multimedia Communication” in Naples. We have recently finished the part dedicated to applications, and I can say with certainty that I am very satisfied with the modules carried out, especially thanks to the excellent competence and professionalism of our teacher Dario Copellino, who with his availability and preparation, has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge about ADOBE applications! Right now I think my range of action and my skills have expanded a lot with regard to this sector of multimedia, which -alas- before the master I had always faced in an amateur and passionate way! There is just under a month to the end of the master and in this period I will devote all my strength and energy to project work, which I hope will be my business card for an internship in a large company in the multimedia sector. In fact, this is my main goal: to be able to seize and optimize the great opportunity that the up level gives me through the internship, demonstrating my value and my passion for the multimedia sector, in order to face the difficult labour market with determination and awareness of my means!

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