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Travel Agent

Who is the Travel Agent and what does he do?

The Travel Agent must organize the customer’s dream holiday, or the most comfortable stay if It’s a business trip. He works in direct contact with the public and must best meet their specific needs, respecting the previously agreed spending limits. He is a very important figure, for the agency and for the client himself, of which he becomes, in the first instance, the face associated with the dream trip, a reassuring professional, organizer, distance tour guide, dispenser of excellent advice and source of information on the places you are going to visit: local currency, weather conditions, customs and traditions. He also provides support in the fulfillment of the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the departure. He prepares the different solutions, and then manage the booking phase. He can also take care of the traveling phase (air and train tickets, car rental, etc.), overnight stays (hotels, resorts, tourist village, etc.) and other side services such as tickets for excursions, concerts, guided tours, etc. He must guarantee the customer, in essence, the best possible booking and travel experience.

The required skills

To work as a travel agent, a thorough knowledge of the national and international tourism market is indispensable. It’s then necessary to be trained on marketing and tourism promotion techniques, to assume skills in the use of CRS (Computer Reservations System) and GDS (Global Distribution System) software and to know the reference legislation on national and international travel. The attitude to problem solving is a prerogative of this work, as well as strong communication skills.


The average salary of a travel agent is €1,600 net per month, almost €30,000 gross per year. Juniors who start the profession earn from € 1,000 to € 1,300 net per month, while the most experienced figures (4-9 years) can aspire to salaries of € 1,500. Senior figures (with over 10 years of experience) reach or exceed € 2,000 net per month. It is a very dynamic working context: the employees of a travel agency can grow professionally to become technical directors, the highest classification, which is accessible after a professionalizing exam (remember that our master gives access to this exam) or decide to open their own travel agency.

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