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Tour Leader

Who is the Tour Leader and what does he do?

As defined by law, the Tour Leader is the one who “by profession, accompanies individuals or groups of people on trips through the national territory or abroad; provides significant elements and news of tourist interest on transit areas outside the scope of competence of the guides”. An important and connecting figure, he is the link between the agency and suppliers, from hoteliers to transport carriers. He must guarantee customers who are entrusted with the best possible travel experience, taking care of the success of the pre-established tourist program and (without replacing the tourist guide) provide useful information on the places of the trip, as well as fulfilling the bureaucratic and administrative procedures of the accompanying group.

The required skills

The Tour Leader has a deep knowledge of the reference sector, in all its aspects. He knows at least two foreign languages, procedures, and international normative references. He has an aptitude for problem solving, predisposition to interpersonal relationships, mediation skills. And of course, a reckless passion for travel.

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