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Technical Director of Travel Agency

Who is the Technical Director of Travel Agency and what does he do?

The Technical Director of Travel Agency is the reference point of every Agency and Tour Operator.
A fundamental figure, without him it’s not possible to activate the commercial exercise. Within a structure it’s the most qualified element, often it’s the holder of the operating license, on other occasions the direction is delegated to him by the owner of the structure.
His duties depend in part on the reality in which he operates: in large agencies, usually, the Technical Director moves as Manager of the structure, then plans, designs, decides and coordinates. When, on the other hand, the Technical Director is responsible but not the owner of the agency, he can perform executive tasks and take care of the promotion and sale of services, while in small agencies he can also carry out front office activities.

In any case, however, it’s the Technical Director who develops the company’s strategies and financial, management and marketing policies: he plans the range of services offered by the structure and their promotion, in line with the company’s objectives. Access to the profession is subject to obtaining the qualification through an examination periodically held by the Region or Province to which they belong; the exam consists of a written and an oral test, which evaluates the candidate’s skills in the administration and organization of the Agencies, the knowledge of technique, legislation, and tourist geography and two foreign languages. Our Master in Tourism Management, in addition to giving access to the exam, provides the best preparation for passing it, you will also receive full technical and bureaucratic assistance for the preparatory phases.

The required skills

The Technical Director has gained important experience within travel agencies and tour operators. He started perhaps as a Travel Agent or Tour Leader, accumulating experience and references, until he decided to start his own business and open his agency or manage one. He can manage working groups, strategic and analytical skills, knows how to intercept market trends and propose competitive offers. He can plan and reach goals, he is proactive and publicly oriented, he knows at least two foreign languages.

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