Sales and Marketing

About the Sales and Marketing Manager.

The sales and marketing manager is the business engine of any hotel. Customers’ acquisition and loyalty management, stipulation of the contracts with the tour operators, marketing management, competitors’ analysis, rates and availability supervision, planning and promoting the hotel’s offers and those of the single departments.

The professional figure of the Sales and Marketing Manager occupies a very important position within the organogram of a big accommodation facility. Every strategy and every marketing plan takes place because of and through his or her activities.

Which skills characterize this role?

He needs to possess great analytical skills in order to study the market and evaluate competitors’ operations; in-depth knowledge of financial, legal and administrative practices; a right mix of technical competences and flexibility to quickly seize available market opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information through the underlying form about the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management to find out how to become a Sales and Marketing Manager. Your new career is awaiting!


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