Revenue Manager

About the Revenue Manager

The role of the Revenue Manger, ever more requested by the Hotels, is mainly concerned with maximizing the volume of affairs always and at any cost, in order to take full advantage of the accommodating capacity of the facility in any period and situation, and developing winning strategies in order to guide the market, optimize and increase revenues and add value to investments.

Which skills are needed

The Master’s programme in Hospitality Management at Up Level ensures the highest level learning in order to acquire all the necessary skills to efficiently and successfully carry out the activities of Revenue Management. The Revenue Manager has to:

  • possess deep economic knowledge and mathematical analysis’ skills
  • analyse and manage statistical data
  • control the booking systems, booking engines and channel managers
  • knows how to plan rate strategies based on precise formulas
  • possess the right creativity and courage necessary to constantly experiment new solutions, reducing the risk margins to the minimum
  • possess strong decision-making skills.
  • deeply know and understand the web and the online travelling sector

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information about the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management through the underlying form to find out how to become Revenue Manger. Your new career is awaiting!


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