Manager di Meeting e Congressi

Who is the Meeting and Conferences Manager?

The impeccable planning, duty of the Meeting and Conference’s Manager, is a key to success. Contents and image: an inseparable pair for the organization of any meeting, event or conference. Everything stems from the event design and planning of every aspect of it, from the budget to the program, from the logistic aspects to the administrative ones.

Which are the competencies of this role?

The Master’s programme in Hospitality Management at Up Level gives you all the necessary competences in order to organize and successfully conduct every type of event. In this case, too, professionalism is complete and transversal: the true manager knows how to manage everything.

The Meeting and Congress Manager has to interpret, first of all, the aims of each event, to organize it according to the style and language of the specific company, to think in a supply chain perspective, to coordinate all the people that actively intervene and add to the organization of the event, to relate effectively with all the operators.
This is a sector that never faces crisis and that, together with the objective, technical and financial factors, feeds itself on a good dose of creativity and ability to interpret the market.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information through the underlying form regarding the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management to find out how to become Event Organization and Conference Manger. Your new career is awaiting!


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Mi sono iscritta al Master in Hospitality Management di Ottobre 2011, e per motivi di lavoro non ho potuto mai frequentare le lezioni. Tuttavia, ho sempre Leggi Opinione

Giulia Brulli 29/12/2014