Housekeeping Manager

Chi è l’Housekeeping Manager?

The clients’ satisfaction starts from here, from the good job and the sense of responsibility of the Housekeeping Manager. It is a key figure within any accommodation facility, where:

  • has the responsibility of the floors and common areas
  • manages the personnel in charge of cleaning, taking care of the furnishing and the maintenance of the machineries.
  • takes care of the relationship with the suppliers of these sectors and the coordination of the main services offered by the hotel, from the laundry to the wardrobe.

Which competences are necessary?

The Housekeeping Manager needs to possess an in-depth knowledge of the whole hotel functioning, management skills, abilities to coordinate and supervise the personnel in its departments, besides financial, administrative and budget management abilities.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information regarding the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management through the underlying form and find out how to become a Housekeeping Manager. Your new career is awaiting!


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Tuesday February 14th, 2017