Hospitality Manager

Who is the Hospitality Manager?

He is the leader who aims to the top. He is the reference point of any modern, big accommodation facility. Everything passes through the Hospitality Manager from the company’s strategic planning to the customer’s loyalty programs, to the human resources management and the offers and proposals, until the marketing plan and the corporate communication.


The Hospitality Manager:

  • is in charge of the supervision of the administrative and financial procedures;
  • increases the volume of affairs of the accommodation facility by applying the most innovative yield management techniques;
  • monitors the hotel or hotel chain trends by creating specific reports.

Which are the competencies requested by this role?

The Hospitality Manager perfectly knows all the activities of the sector, from the managerial and administrative ones to the most operational ones, furthermore, he holds a holistic view and he is able to guide the hospitality company straight to success through the most innovative solutions.

He is a manager in every aspect: that is why he needs to know to perfection the duties and activities of all the professional figures working within the sector, and to coordinate them towards one objective: the increase of the business.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information about the Master in Hospitality Management through the underlying form. Your new career is awaiting!


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Nel mio primo intervento riguardo all’andamento del Master in Hospitality Management voglio esprimere quanto segue: dopo un primo periodo di ambientamento nelle prime lezioni ho Leggi Opinione

Andrea Guglielmino 29/12/2014