Front Office Manager

About the Front Office Manager

The image of the facility to the eyes of the clients depends greatly on him or her: it is the facet that instils security.

That of the Front Office Manager has always been one of the most requested and important professional figures within an accommodation facility.

His or her capacity to welcome and relate to the clients greatly influences the likeability index of the whole hotel. His or her duty is that of receiving the clients at the entrance and to give them all the necessary information through the whole length of their stay. That is why it is necessary to be perfectly fluent in the relevant languages, to be kind and always available.

What kind of competences are needed for this role?

The Front Office Manager or Hospitality Receptionist , needs to have profound financial and administrative skills, because this role also calls for booking and reservations management, clients’ accounts administration and cash registering. Finally, it is determining to own the ability to efficiently interact with all the other professional figures within the facility in order to guarantee the perfect functioning and coordination of the staff.

What are you waiting for? Ask for more information about the Master in Hospitality Management through the underlying form. Your new career is awaiting!


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Cosa penso di voi? Paolo Clemente:Salve, frequento il Master Hospitality Management presso la sede di Napoli da due mesi pieni ormai. Il master è ben Leggi Opinione

Paolo Clemente 30/12/2014