Director of Business Development

Who is the Business Development Director?

A highly qualified professional figure, sought-after especially by big accommodation facilities that justly consider – like every other big company – their Business Development as an essential and continuative process, necessary to the company development.

The Business Development Director has the duty to make business by adding value to the potential of its accommodation facility through direct tools such as marketing, sales, promotions and customer service. The Director can interpret and evaluate all the different development opportunities offered by the market, plan strategies, design and implement new business models.

His or her ideas are vital oxygen for the accommodation facility, his competences to put them into practice are a guarantee for the continuity of the business, and the success of its strategy ensures new deals and establishes acquired clients.

What are the competencies requested by this role?

For the complexity of his or her role and the strategies that he or she is called to plan, the Director of Business Development must possess the most in-depth competences in many sectors, from the financial to the legal environment, until corporate communication.

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