Aims of the Master in Hospitality Management

Aims of the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management

Top competencies in each hospitality sector

The Master’s programme in Hospitality Management forms the new hospitality managers by giving them the tools to successfully fulfil executive positions in every type of accommodation facility, from big Hotels to resorts and convention centres. The starting point is the knowledge and the in-depth analysis of the typical disciplines that make up the hospitality industry in each department. The Master’s programme in Hospitality management at Up Level analyses the theoretical aspects, but it especially provides one with the practical means to understand its functional application and real-world dynamics. To know the managerial techniques of each department it means, on one hand, to be able to intervene within the specific sector in order to better its efficiency by applying the acquired empirical competences and professional experience gained through the course of the programme and the proximity to each professional reality, on the other hand, it means to hold a holistic, transversal and interdisciplinary view which allows a better management of the global aspect. This is an essential necessity for any touristic and hotel-related business, which is faced with fierce competition on an international level, now more than ever. It consists, nevertheless, of a unique opportunity for worthy young individuals who look at the hospitality industry as a fascinating world and wish to make it theirs, through a motivated, conscious and stimulating choice, and by building for themselves a successful career.

These are the reasons why the objective of the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management is firstly to create strong personalities who can successfully introduce themselves into the job market; to form professionals capable of making that qualitative leap into the Italian hospitality world; to prepare successful managers able to bring their experience into the real world and compete with the most acclaimed international managers; to step up the level of competence, professionality and motivation to contribute to the increase and the growth of a leading sector in the world economy.


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