The Teachers of the Master in Hospitality Management

The teachers of the Master’s programme in Hospitality Management

The best “heads”, from the academic world to successful professionals

The Master’s programme in Hospitaly Management at Up Level is taught by accurately selected faculty members. In order to offer the best possible academic quality, Up Level combines the most qualified educators coming from both the academic and the professional environment.

University teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, freelance professionals, technicians: our faculty members, each with a different specialization focus, guarantee a balanced mix of professional competences and work experience in the field of hospitality. We select this staff on the basis of very rigorous parameters, which go beyond academic or professional merits, because just having skills to pass on or knowing subjects to teach is not enough: much more is needed, to offer much more to our students. When we say we form Hospitality Managers at the top ends of each category, we mean worthy professionals. For worth is much more than knowledge of a course’s programme or the brilliant passing of an exam: worth is the very essence of the professional, that which makes him or her better than the rest, irreplaceable, that which pushes him or her to do their best, to never give up and to make each innovation their own.

The same value we ask from our Master’s teachers. Established professionals within their sectors, but educational experts at the same time, who have gained a series of skills in the educational practice and developed innovative methodologies, combining classical and proven educational techniques with elaborated processes studied to fit highly specialized disciplines and students from all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Educators who boast brilliant education histories and professional qualifications, though especially people, who were able to put the acquired knowledge into practice, transform it into competence, test it on the field, and continuously grow day after day driven by passion and enthusiasm. Not everyone can be part of our faculty. The educators who develop the courses for our students must meet the philosophy and principles endorsed by Up Level, that is they must possess the edge over their subjects, they must be at a higher level and they must be able to transmit this excellence to all of those – young and less young individuals, high school or bachelor diploma holders, people who dream a bright future into the hospitality world, or established professionals who look for an update and specialization – who come to Up Level knowing they will find a top-level training provision.

It is them, the teachers, our most important business card to the students’ eyes. Because a history of continuity and a tradition of successes like those of our Management School, together with an established experience and an in depth knowledge of the job market, constitute the fundamentals values and the reliability warranty, though the most direct and intense relationship with the students is established only by the teachers themselves: they have the job to pass on Up Level’s philosophy, they have the duty to form professional with an edge over the subjects. That is why we select them with extreme care. And that is why we expect from them the most elevated performances.

If we can promise this much to our students, certain we will keep the promises, we owe it to a faculty who is worth more.


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