Certifications of the Master in Hospitality Management

The key to a job into the hospitality world

The Master’s programme in Hospitality Management at Up Level assures the highest learning for whomever wishes to work in the tourism sector and to stand out, by undertaking a successful professional career. At the end of the Master’s programme, our school gives out an actual diploma that certifies the obtained education. To be a student at Up Level it means to propose oneself to the job market with important credentials, certified by a a leader trademark into the higher learning industry..

An important business card within the job market, because nowadays a postgraduate or post-high-school studies Master’s course constitutes an ever more valued specialized degree – and sometimes explicitly requested – from the big firms operating in any sector, that look for worthy collaborators and highly specialized competences. Proof of a completed education for the students who exit high school or university and wish to make an additional step into their cultural and professional growth with the aim to introduce themselves into the job market with the best possible preparation. Furthermore, the diploma demonstrates an enriched competency baggage for whom already works in the tourism industry and knows that only by keeping up the pace with the evolution of the job market and that of a specific sector, one can add value to one’s own professionality and make it an ever more yearned one through the course of the years. The Master’s certifies for everyone – the young graduates and high school diploma holders as well as the established professionals – a willingness to grow, an availability, education but especially a personal and individual motivation that goes beyond the most typical ambitions.

However, it does not end here. A Master’s degree diploma from Up Level is an important business card because it is “signed”, in fact, by our very Management School, Up Level, which has been working into the tourism sector of education for many years. Moreover, it has constructed its success, and at the same time, the value and solidity of its trademark, on the basis of the quality of its specialized education through these years. It has constructed it gradually, by carefully analysing the evolution of the sector, the necessities of the companies that operate in it, the educational needs of generations of students, the job market dynamics, the professional opportunities that one can find in it time after time, depending on the periods and on the international economy situation. Furthermore, it has built it by confronting itself daily with the most prestigious realities operating within the tourism industry, through an exchange of experiences and competences that let Up level forge close links with the job world.

It is a success, that of Up Level, that began long ago and nourishes itself of a constant effort. The companies operating in the sector know it, because they recognize the superior value of the students, which we propose to them for an internship during the Master’s programme. They know that whomever decides to study at our Management School really wanted that Master’s diploma, because it is much more than a specialization certification. It is a declaration of value. And the students know it well too: this is demonstrated by the fact the majority of our new applicants comes from word of mouth. Because being a student at Up Level it means to introduce oneself into the job market equipped with important credentials, certified by a leader trademark within the high-level training.


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