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Master In Human Resources

Milan, Rome, Naples and online

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Location Master InHuman Resources
Starting date September 2024
Course duration 4 Months
Attendance Evening or weekend formula

What is the Master in Human Resources?

The Master in Human Resources offered by Up Level is a training program designed to shape future leaders in the field of human resources. The course aims to provide comprehensive and multifunctional training, covering talent and performance management, work psychology, labor relations, and labor legislation.

Through a pragmatic approach that integrates advanced theory, real case studies, and innovative management practices, participants will develop a solid understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the HR sector. The goal is to prepare professionals capable of interpreting and guiding human resource policies within modern organizations, enhancing human capital in line with business strategies.

In addition to theoretical training, the master stands out for its strong practical orientation. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with managers and industry professionals by participating in workshops and group projects simulating realistic and challenging scenarios. This type of experience allows refining essential decision-making, leadership, and problem-solving skills for those aspiring to hold responsible roles in the field of human resources.

The curriculum has been carefully developed to meet the needs of those seeking specialization and to meet the demand of companies for qualified professionals ready to enter complex work environments. Special attention is also dedicated to the latest sector trends, such as the digitization of HR processes, the importance of corporate well-being, and inclusion and diversity strategies.

The Master in Human Resources from Up Level is the ideal choice for those who wish to emerge in the job market with excellent preparation and are ready to contribute effectively to the development and success of human resources in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations.

Study Plan

Introduction to Human Resources


  • Overview of the role of human resources in modern organizations
  • Evolution of the human resources field
  • Main functions and responsibilities


Talent Acquisition and Management


  • Innovative recruiting and selection strategies
  • Employer branding and HR marketing
  • Onboarding and integration of new employees


Development and Training


  • Assessment techniques and training needs analysis
  • Design and evaluation of training programs
  • Use of advanced technologies such as e-learning and virtual reality


Performance Management


  • Performance evaluation systems
  • Feedback and expectation management
  • Career and succession plans
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Labor Relations and Labor Legislation


  • Relevant national and international regulations
  • Conflict management and negotiation
  • Ethics and compliance in the workplace


Compensation & Benefits


  • Structuring of compensation packages
  • Innovative incentives and benefits
  • Global and local trends in benefits


Work Psychology and Advanced Leadership


  • Psychological dynamics in workgroups
  • Development of leadership skills for virtual team management and empathetic leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring for organizational resilience


Change Management and Innovation


  • Change management in organizations
  • Managing resistance to change
  • HR innovation and agile management


Organizational Health and Well-being


  • HR strategies to promote mental and physical well-being
  • Reducing burnout and promoting a healthy work environment
  • Implementation of personalized wellness programs


Final Project


  • Group project on a real HR challenge with corporate collaboration
  • Final presentation before a panel of industry experts


Cosa distingue i master Up Level
Cosa distingue i master Up Level

The Up Level Method

The Up Level method is an innovative teaching formula aimed at training human resources professionals through a perfect balance between theory and practice. This approach is enriched by using cutting-edge techniques and interactive teaching methodologies that allow students to immerse themselves completely in HR dynamics.

With the Up Level method, every theoretical concept is immediately applied in simulations, real case studies, and group projects, making Up Level a forge of talents ready to enter the job market with a wealth of concretely applicable knowledge and skills. Our goal is to train individuals capable of completing the cognitive journey and putting the teachings into practice, thus preparing future human resources leaders in the context of the third millennium. Up Level students leave the program with the ability not only to adapt but to lead change in personnel management practices, significantly contributing to their organizations’ success.


Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano

The mission

Relying on Up Level means making a strategic investment in your professional growth. Our school, founded on the principles of educational innovation and advanced specialization, represents an essential reference point in the educational landscape for a selective and ambitious audience. Graduates and career professionals choose Up Level to enrich their professional profiles and acquire distinctive skills that make them competitive in the job market.

Companies prefer Up Level, knowing that our institution is synonymous with total quality, efficiency, and concrete results. Our mission is to train professionals who not only aspire to excel in their field but are also capable of assuming managerial and responsible roles with competence and confidence. Up Level, therefore, positions itself as a valuable ally for organizations that wish to integrate highly qualified individuals into their teams, ready to actively contribute to corporate success.

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Why choose the Up level Master in
Human Resources?


100% guaranteed internship


30 years of experience


Over 10.000 satisfied students


Possibility of installments


Network of excellence


Access to scholarships

The locations of the
Up Level Master

Up Level Frequenza a distanza
Up Level Frequenza a distanza

Online attendance

Online Courses and Masters

Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano


Up level
Via Fabio Filzi, 2
20124, Milan
Phone 02.40706938

Scuola di Management a Roma
Scuola di Management a Roma


Up Level
Piazzale Flaminio, 9
00196, Rome
Phone 06.99341966

Sede di Napoli Master Up Level
Sede di Napoli Master Up Level


Up level
Piazza Carità, 32
80134, Naples
Phone 081.5510879

The partners of the Master in Human Resources

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Who chooses the Master in Hospitality Management


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The Certificate

The Master in Human Resources from Up Level represents a path of excellence for those who wish to stand out in the dynamic human resources sector. At the end of the Master, our school issues each participant a nominal Specialization Certificate, a certification that attests not only to the skills acquired but also to the ability to apply them successfully in the workplace.

This certificate is an important business card in the job market. In an era where post-graduate specialization is increasingly valued and often required by companies, having a master from Up Level means possessing an advanced level of preparation sought in various sectors for valuable collaborators with highly specialized skills.

For students leaving high school or university, our master represents a significant step in their cultural and professional growth, preparing them to present themselves to the job market with maximum efficiency. For professionals already active in the field, it demonstrates a commitment to maintaining and enhancing their skills in a constantly evolving sector, thus increasing their competitiveness and desirability in the market.

In addition to being a sign of advanced training, the Up Level master’s certificate is valued for its school’s brand, recognized for the quality and effectiveness of its training. Built on 30 years of experience and continuous updates on sector changes, significant collaborations with the business world, and precise market dynamics analysis, the Up Level certificate is more than a mere specialization certificate: it is a declaration of value.

Being trained by Up Level means entering the job market with high-level credentials supported by an institution that is a leader in managerial training and continues to demonstrate its success through the successful placement of its students. Companies in the human resources sector recognize this value, as evidenced by the numerous internship and professional placement paths facilitated by our school. At Up Level, training means growing, and growing means being ready to take your deserved place in the job market.



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