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Revenue Manager

Who is the Revenue Manager and what does he do?

The revenue manager studies market trends, develops winning strategies, and maximizes turnover. It’s him who creates weekly or monthly reports to identify what goes and what does not go in the market strategy of the structure, how to achieve revenue objectives, studies competitors, plans pricing strategies and chairs all booking systems, booking engine and channel manager.

The required skills

He is a figure with important analytical and economic skills. A specific knowledge of reference systems is required, which often also refer to digital marketing tools and online travel in general. It’s important the predisposition to risk (better if calculated), such as intuition and creativity.


The average salary of a Revenue Manager can range from €30 to €70,000 gross per year. Much depends on the experience (you become a senior figure after 8-10 years of experience) and the coat of arms of the structure. Usually, the Revenue Manager is a figure that is placed in large chains or in any case in 4- or 5-star hotels.

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