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Housekeeping Manager

Who is the Housekeeping Manager and what does he do?

Another figure of great importance, in a hotel, is the Housekeeping Manager. Customer satisfaction also depends on his work, as well as the correct functioning of the structure. He is responsible for the floors and common areas and manages the team responsible for cleaning, furnishing care and maintenance of the facilities. He also takes care of relations with the respective suppliers of these sectors and ensures the correct performance of the main hotel services, from laundry service to wardrobe. He must also create and maintain a constant synergy between its department and others, especially the front-office, know how to manage and plan extraordinary maintenance interventions and provide the management with detailed reports on cost management, trying to provide ideas on the optimization of the same.

The required skills

The Housekeeping Manager must have a deep knowledge of the world of Hotellerie in all its complexity, proven skills in management, coordination, and supervision of operational staff, as well as accounting, administration and budgeting skills. It is important, then, the predisposition to the customer and the knowledge of foreign languages if you work in an international context.

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