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Hotel Manager

Who is the Hotel Manager and what does he do?

The Hotel Manager is responsible for the operational and managerial management of the hotel, in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative objectives defined with the property. He deals with every management aspect related to the structure: personnel, services, economic resources. He must achieve the economic objectives set while maintaining high standards of service offered, with an eye always vigilant on cost management. He determines the tariff policy to be implemented for the sale of the rooms, the commercial strategy, and interfaces daily with the managers of the various functional areas to evaluate the quality of the overall work, delegating tasks in a correct and far-sighted way. He also intervenes in the processes of selection and recruitment of personnel. Maximize revenue by optimizing work, this is the mantra of a good hotel manager. Excellent skills and preparation are required for the figure. This is a role that is accessed after a previous experience in other positions: that of Front Office Management is one of the possible preparatory roads, as well as the role of Head of Reception Services and therefore that of Hotel Operations Manager.

The required skills

Strong management and commercial skills (budgeting and revenue management) are preparatory to the role. An in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry in all its aspects, personnel management, communication, and relational skills is required. The knowledge of one or more foreign languages is fundamental, as well as the predisposition to the relationship with the public and customers, attitude to problem solving and dynamism.


The average salary of a Hotel Manager is around € 62,000 gross per year (about € 2,900 net per month). The minimum salary of a Hotel Manager can start from a minimum salary of € 40,500 gross per year, while the maximum salary can exceed € 100.00 gross. Much depends, of course, on the work context (large chain or small hotel) and experience. An entry level Hotel Manager (less than 3 years of experience) can expect an average total salary of about € 47,300 gross per year, while one with 4-9 years of experience gets to receive about 59,000. The average salary of a senior figure (10-20 years of experience) is close to € 70,000 gross per year, even higher than that of hotel managers at the end of their career.

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