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Front Office Manager

Who is the Front Office Manager and what does he do?

The face of the Hotel in the eyes of the customer. This is, in the first instance, the Front Office Manager. He is one of the most important figures in the world of Hotellerie. Its ability to welcome and relate to guests greatly affects the experience of stay and therefore, more generally, the reputation of the structure. The Front Office Manager must be a point of reference for the entire duration of the stay for the customer, providing him with useful information and indications when called into question and helping him in solving potential or real problems.

The required skills

There is no doubt, therefore, that the Front Office Manager must possess strong relational skills and care of manners, always showing cordiality and kindness. The property of language is fundamental, as is the knowledge of foreign languages. In addition to this, accounting and administrative skills are required for the figure, since the role also provides for the management of reservations, the preparation of customer accounts and the administration of the cashier.


The average salary of a Front Office Manager is €43,000 gross per year. Very obviously depends on the experience and the structure in which you work. The Front Office Manager of a small hotel can receive from 23,000 (if it is a junior figure at the first experiences) to € 35,000 gross per year, while the thresholds for Front Office Managers inside large chains and luxury hotels are significantly raised. In this case the salary can vary from 33,000 to 63,000 € gross per year.

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