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Food & Beverage Manager

Who is the Food & Beverage Manager and what does he do?

The Food & Beverage Manager is the professional who coordinates and supervises all activities related to catering in hotels and other accommodation facilities. It must manage the restaurant business in a cost-efficient way and provide customers with a high level of service, in line with the image and reputation of the restaurant. The economic planning concerns breakfasts, restaurant and bar of the structure, banquets: defining the budget, estimating the economic resources necessary for the supply of food and drinks (bargaining with suppliers, order management, receipt of goods, storage in pantries and cold rooms) and adopting strategies for cost control. The Food & Beverage Manager collaborates with the Chef, the Maitre and the Sommelier for the choice of suppliers, dishes and wines to be included in the menu: in this sense, his attention is more economic than gastronomic. It is the F&B Beverage Manager, in fact, who defines the Food Cost (the cost to be incurred for a preparation) and then establishes the selling price of individual dishes and drinks: the final price will vary according to the cost of raw materials, preparation times and the desired sales margin. In addition, the Food & Beverage Manager must ensure customers compliance with hygienic-sanitary and HACCP standards in the preparation of dishes.

The required skills

The Food & Beverage Manager must have, first, a solid experience in the hotel and catering sector, proven management skills (of personnel and workflows) and analytical-economic skills: strategies, planning, revenue, and cost control. Knowledge of foreign languages is essential, as well as the ability to resist stress: we are talking about a job with irregular hours that could keep you busy on holidays.


The Food & Beverage Manager is a fundamental figure in the hotel and catering sectors. For this, therefore, he enjoys a very high average salary. For entry-level figures (from 1 to 5 years of experience) the gross annual income is between 30 and 35 thousand €, professionals with 10 years of experience can expect up to 50 thousand € of annual gross income, while senior figures (more than 15 years of experience) reach 70 thousand.

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