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Master In Hospitality Management

Milan, Rome, Naples and online

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Location Master InHospitality Management
Starting date May 2024
Course duration 4 Months
Attendance Evening or weekend formula

What is the Master in Hospitality Management?

The Up level Master in Hospitality Management trains new Hospitality Managers, providing them with the tools to cover managerial roles, from large hotels to resorts and conference centers.

The starting point is the knowledge and deepening of the disciplines of all the sectors that make up the hotel reality for each department. Our Master in Hospitality Management analyzes the theoretical aspects and, above all, provides the practical elements to understand their functioning and dynamics.

Knowing the management techniques of each operational department means, on the one hand, being able to intervene in the individual sector to improve its efficiency by applying the skills acquired and the experience gained during the master in contact with different realities and, on the other, having an overall vision, transversal and interdisciplinary, which allows the best global management.

A necessity now essential for any tourist and hotel business, which today must face increasingly fierce competition at an international level. But above all a unique opportunity for young people who see in the hotel industry a world full of charm and want to make it their own, with a conscious, motivated, and stimulating choice, building a successful career.

Study Plan

Front Office
  • Front Office
  • Guest reception
  • Walk-in customer sales technical management
  • Check-in and check-out procedure according to international standards
  • Notions up selling
  • Customer management in crisis situations
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Customer loyalty
  • Shiftwork
  • Front Office Organization Chart
  • Skill trainer and shift leader
  • Assistant Front Office Manager
  • Front office manager and night auditor
  • Comparative analysis of computer systems
  • Tariff Plan
Food And Beverage
  • Analysis of the different types of catering in hotels
  • Type of services provided
  • Banqueting
  • Service styles and rules
  • Organization charts and professional figures
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Evolution of departments
  • The transformation of some professional figures
  • Types of service, layout and technology
  • Breakfast and Haccp
  • Analysis of the various service and upselling techniques
  • Sales techniques applied to the F&B department
  • The waiter from mute to talking
  • Menu engineering
  • Food And Beverage Cost
  • Qualitative and quantitative standards
  • The world of catering. Menus
  • Revenue in catering
  • Quotes in excel
  • Filling out a business proposal
  • Creating an inventory
  • Purchase tracking
  • Creating a Menu
  • Analysis of the different types of rooms and suites within a hotel
  • Cleaning and work-sharing techniques
  • Quality analysis in the hotel
  • Executive housekeeping
  • Floor waitress
  • Porter, bellman, and doorman
  • Butler
  • Dispatcher and customer care
  • Analysis of covertures techniques
  • Service times within the housekeeping department
Human Resources
  • Leadership and management of human resources in accommodation facilities
  • Occupational Safety, Privacy, and current regulations
  • Employment contracts in the tourism sector
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Selection interview
  • Placement
  • Recruiting companies and headhunters
  • Human Resources Manager
  • HR manager
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Sales Department
  • The figure of the salesman
  • Sales techniques
  • Tariff management
  • Frequent customer programs
  • Booking Department
  • Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Consortia and Implanting
  • Booking office response models for individual customers / groups / T.O.
  • Management of overbooking
  • Management of the Upgrade
  • Management of the sorry
  • Booking for congress and banqueting events
  • The sales department and the professional figures
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Participation in a fair and the main trade fairs (possibly also the choice of stands and the preparation of the material)
  • Hotel communication
  • Organization chart and professional figures
  • Commissions
  • Management control
  • Evolution of the department
  • Records and accounting flows of the receipt
  • Invoicing
  • Legislation
  • Administration
  • Organization chart and professional figures
  • Warehouse and its management
  • Economic enhancement of the warehouse
General Management
  • The roles of the General Manager towards:
  • Customers
  • Economic results
  • Of the property
  • Personnel
  • Hotel manager
Revenue Management - Yield Management
  • Revenue Management Fundamentals and Main Indicators
  • Revenue Management and its evolution in the hotel industry
  • KPIs: Hotel Revenue Management Performance Indicators
  • Pricing and Market Segmentation
  • The evolution of hotel rates
  • Yield Management Tariff
  • The Tariff Strategy: the tariff grid and promotions
  • Segmentation and Nesting
  • P&L (Profit & Loss) Income Statement
  • Department Indices (KPIs) Key Performance Indicators
  • Management Control
  • Budget
  • Forecast
  • Cash flow
  • Business Plan
  • MICE Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibions
  • Event Management
  • Objectives and types of events
  • Event Management
  • Destination management
  • The bleisure market
  • Digital events
  • Event manager
  • Comparative analysis of the commercial services offered by the main hotel groups
  • Project management – time management – budget
  • Creativity and events
  • Meeting and congress organizer
  • Congress tourism PCO, DMC, EMC
  • Figure of the DBD (Director of Business Development)
Social Media and Digital Tourism Marketing
  • Techniques for promoting the tourism sector
  • Digital and social media
  • Advertising in the tourism sector
  • The online tourist market
  • Internet advertising investments and the volumes of bookings and online sales
  • B2b sites and b2c sites
  • Display advertising,
  • E-mail Marketing, Coupon Digital trade promotion
  • Introduction to the basic principles of SEO
  • Web 3.0 and tourism – current status and trends
  • Virtual and social media communities in the processes of choice
  • 3.0 tools for digital marketing and communication
  • Social networking, microblogging and real time media, Rss, Podcast.
  • Virtual communities and “thematic” social media
  • Tourism communication for hospitality management
  • Forums, blogs, social networks, geo social networks,
  • Consumer reviews
  • Reputation management
  • Analysis and monitoring of virtual communities and social media
  • Hospitality 3.0 – Social Communication Strategies and Presence
  • Strategies and techniques of communication and “social” presence for hotels and accommodation facilities
  • Trends and future developments
Cosa distingue i master Up Level
Cosa distingue i master Up Level

The Up Level Method

The best professionals grow here

Level up, can be literally translated as growing, improving, rising in level. Up level, School of Management, means even more, it means becoming. Because Up level deals with training, fulfilling its mission in the deepest and noblest sense of the term: to give shape to a new way of being, to transfer theoretical and empirical knowledge to form a new way of acting. To exercise that divine formative virtue that Dante reserved for the learned and wise masters of ancient Greece.

Up level does it in the third millennium, with the exact same purpose. To train individuals capable of completing the cognitive path and putting into practice the knowledge received.

Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano

The mission

Relying on Up level means investing in your professional growth

Because Up level, a school based on the most modern teaching schemes and specializations, is a didactic and experiential focal point of the highest level, intended for a specific and demanding target. Graduates and professionals go to Up level to give added value to their professionalism. Companies focus on Up level because they know how to be a school managed in the name of total quality, efficiency, and result.

A training mission that is reflected on the market and that becomes a valuable point of reference for companies that intend to include highly specialized professionals in their staff able to independently hold managerial positions and responsibilities.

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Why choose the Up level Master in
Hospitality Management?


100% guaranteed internship


30 years of experience


Over 10.000 satisfied students


Possibility of installments


Network of excellence


Access to scholarships

The locations of the
Up Level Master

Up Level Frequenza a distanza
Up Level Frequenza a distanza

Online attendance

Online Courses and Masters

Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano


Up level
Via Fabio Filzi, 2
20124, Milan
Phone 02.40706938

Scuola di Management a Roma
Scuola di Management a Roma


Up Level
Piazzale Flaminio, 9
00196, Rome
Phone 06.99341966

Sede di Napoli Master Up Level
Sede di Napoli Master Up Level


Up level
Piazza Carità, 32
80134, Naples
Phone 081.5510879

The partners of the Master in Hospitality Management

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Our business card,
the careers of over 1000 students


Who chooses the Master in Hospitality Management


Graduate Students






Operators in the sector

The Certificate

A key to work in the hotel sector

The Master in Hospitality Management of Up level guarantees the highest training for those who want to work in the tourism sector and emerge by embarking on a successful professional career. At the end of the Master, our school issues to each participant a certificate of specialization which is a real master’s degree that certifies the training achieved. Being Up level students, in fact, means proposing oneself to the world of work with important credentials, certified by a leading brand in high-level training.

An important business card for the labor market, because today a post-diploma or post-graduate master’s degree constitutes a level of specialization that is increasingly esteemed and sometimes even explicitly requested by companies.



The photos of the students of the Master in Hospitality Management

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