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Incentive House Manager

Who is the Incentive House Manager and what does he do?

To understand what the Incentive House Manager does, we must first clarify what is meant by incentive travel. These are “reward” trips that companies give to employees, sometimes subject to the achievement of certain objectives. To do this, the managers of the companies’ interface with the Incentive Houses, active not only in terms of reward trips but also in other aspects of the incentive side (gifts, Gift Cards, trips, etc.). The Incentive House Manager studies together with customers the best solution with respect to the purposes pursued, the message you want to transmit, the type of experience to give, the internal communication campaign to promote the award (and perhaps stimulate employees to achieve goals).

The required skills

In addition to specific skills in the field of event and tourism organization, the Incentive House Manager must have knowledge of corporate and business logic: it is important that he can fully understand a certain reality, the values that guide it, the objectives he pursues. Motivational skills are important, as well as the attitude to problem solving. Knowledge of foreign languages is always welcome.

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