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Master In Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing

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Location Rome
Starting date June 2023
Course duration 120 hours
Attendance Friday 18:00 - 21:00 Saturday 9:00 - 13:00

What is the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing?

It is a modern and innovative formation that prepares professionals in the field of Digital Marketing and online business communication.

It is a specific master on Social Media Marketing strategies, Online Advertising and the fundamentals of Web Copywriting, designed according to the most modern communication techniques and the latest developments in the sector. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google Ads will become everyday tools in your work.

The new Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing of Up level trains you by preparing you to operate in a highly competitive sector through a 360-degree training in marketing and communication.

At the end of the Master, you will be able to design, manage and monitor integrated communication campaigns, using, in addition to the classic techniques of brand and product promotion, the most innovative techniques of Digital Marketing and communication on social media.

Study Plan

Strategic Marketing
  • Analysis, CRM and strategic options
  • The choice of the reference market
  • Consumer behaviour and marketing choices
  • Internal Relations: marketing and production/distribution/finance
  • External relations: competitors, distributors and consumers
  • Strategic thinking and operational reflexes: the budget
  • Marketing information: research and analysis
Professions in Marketing & Communication
  • The agency and the professional figures
  • Marketing management
  • The creative couple: Copywriter and Art Director
  • Account manager
Marketing Planning
  • Brief
  • Brainstorming
  • SWOT analysis
  • The marketing plan and business strategies
  • Budget planning and strategic plan
  • Strategic plan and operational plan
Legislation in the Marketing & Communication sector
  • Copyright and copyright
  • Intellectual property and physical property
  • Trademark protection
  • The registration of a Trademark
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Marketing and creativity
  • Copywriting: Techniques for the production of creative ideas
  • NLP – neurolinguistic programming
  • Visual art: graphic styles, meaning and decoding of colors
  • Printing techniques and production of media
Marketing and business communication
  • Branding
  • Internal communication and external communication
  • Public Relations and Media Relations
  • Communication above the line
  • Communication below the line
Institutional Events and Event Marketing
  • Events and Sponsorships on the company and agency side
  • Event Marketing: the event as a “hot” medium with high involvement
Unconventional marketing
  • Experiential marketing
  • Tribal marketing
  • Concept Store
  • Guerrilla Advertising
  • Viral Marketing
  • Augmented Reality
Digital Marketing in the decade 2020
  • The rules of digital marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Globalization: the different approaches between (EMEA, ASEAN, etc.)
  • Introduction to the semantic web and artificial intelligence systems applied to digital
  • The evolution of the target: the paradigms of Onlife and New Normal
  • Digital platforms and tools
  • Omnichannel: The creation of an integrated strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities
  • Overcoming the Google Centric model: Bing, Amazon, LinkedIn SEO
  • Fundamentals of SEO: how search engines work and their onpage and offpage parameters
  • The structure of the site and the optimization of an SEO text
  • Applications and tools for managing SEO parameters
  • Practical design laboratory
Digital Advertising: Search Engine Advertising (SEA) & Social Ads
  • Search Engine Advertising and Social Ads: Roles, Purposes, Similarities and Differences
  • What is Search Engine Advertising
  • Search Engine Advertising Platforms
  • Lab: Campaign Creation – Account Creation and Campaign Setup – Branding Campaigns – Lead Generation Campaigns – Conversion Campaigns – Retargeting Campaigns
Il Social Media Marketing
  • The Communication Plan on Social Networks
  • The choice of the most effective social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, InstagramThe design of the profile / social page and related content
  • Data collection tools: Facebook and Twitter Insights
  • Social media in the Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Workshop on real cases
Marketing Automation
  • What is marketing automation
  • How to create a Marketing Automation strategy
  • Marketing automation platforms
Cosa distingue i master Up Level
Cosa distingue i master Up Level

The Up Level Method

Over 30 years of experience provide us with the means to fully explain and interpret the world of management. And tell you about it at its best, in the different nuances that we propose with our Masters: Hospitality, Tourism, Event, Communication, social media & digital marketing.

With us you will learn about these sectors at 360 degrees, to know how to analyze every aspect and change.

Tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of our method: therefore, we combine the most classic and consolidated teaching formulas with an avant-garde approach that allows our students to learn in an extremely stimulating and engaging way. Tradition and innovation, rigor, and flexibility: we have found the right balance to train the best professionals of tomorrow.

Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano

The mission

Training of excellence

The first objective of the Master Up level is the training of highly specialized figures in the management, planning and coordination of online communication campaigns.

For this reason, the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing of Up level is structured to combine a solid program of studies with case studies and workshops under the supervision of professionals in the sector.

The Master in Digital Communication was born from the need to fully understand how technology is changing the communication sector.

The market therefore requires professionals able to apply a new communication model that is no longer unidirectional but based on the participation and interaction of users through new media and social networks.

We train professionals able to use all the digital marketing tools at their disposal to develop an integrated digital communication strategy and able to achieve defined objectives effectively and efficiently.

You can find a job both within the marketing and communication office of a large company and at communication and web marketing agencies or media centers that manage the budgets of large multinationals.

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Why choose the Up level Master in
Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing?


100% guaranteed internship


30 years of experience


Over 10,000 satisfied students


Possibility of installments


Network of excellence


Access to scholarships

The Rome office of the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing

In the heart of the capital, a few minutes walk from Piazza del Popolo, you can reach us from Termini with the Metro A (direction Battistini), Flaminio stop.

Piazzale Flaminio 9, 00196, Rome
Phone 06.99341966

The other locations of the
Up Level masters

Up Level Frequenza a distanza
Up Level Frequenza a distanza

Online attendance

Online Courses and Masters

Master Management a Milano
Master Management a Milano


Up level
Via Fabio Filzi, 2
20124, Milan
Phone 02.40706938

Sede di Napoli Master Up Level
Sede di Napoli Master Up Level


Up level
Piazza Carità, 32
80134, Naples
Phone 081.5510879

The partners of the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing

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Our business card,
the careers of over 1000 students


Who chooses the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing


Graduate Students






Operators in the sector

The Certificate

Diploma in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing

The Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing of Up level guarantees the highest training for those who want to get involved in the complex field of communication and emerge by embarking on a successful professional career. At the end of the Master, our school issues to each participant a nominative certificate that certifies the specialization achieved.

An important business card for the labor market, because today a post-diploma master’s degree or a post-graduate master’s degree is a level of specialization increasingly esteemed – and sometimes even explicitly requested – by companies operating in any sector, looking for valuable collaborators and highly specialized skills. A sign of a complete training for students who leave high school or university and wish to take a further step forward in their cultural and professional growth to present themselves to the labor market with the best preparation. But also, demonstration of a wealth of skills enriched with a challenging experience for those who already work in communication and know well that only by keeping up with the evolution of the sector can enhance their professionalism making it increasingly coveted. For everyone, therefore, for young graduates or graduates as for established professionals, the master certifies a desire to grow, an availability and above all a training and personal and character motivations that go far beyond the most common aspirations.

But that’s not all. An Up level master’s degree is an important business card because it is “signed”, in fact, Up level. Our School of Management has been working in training for many years. And on the quality of the training provided in all this time it has built its success and, at the same time, the value of its brand. He built it step by step, analyzing the evolution of the sector and its continuous technological innovation, the needs of companies, the training needs of students, the dynamics of the labor market and professional opportunities. He also built it by confronting important entrepreneurial realities, in an exchange of experiences that allowed Up level to be perfectly in symbiosis with the labor market.

It is a success, that of Up level, which starts from afar and feeds on a constant commitment. Companies in the marketing and communication sector know this because they recognize the superior value of our students that we offer them for internships during the masters. They know that those who train at our School of Management strongly wanted that master’s degree, because it is much more than a certificate of specialization. It is a statement of value. And the students know it well: this is demonstrated by the fact that the greatest number of enrollments at our School comes from word of mouth. Because being an Up level student means presenting oneself to the labor market with important credentials, certified by a leading brand in high-level training.

The best business card for those who want to work in this sector. It is not just a Master’s degree (today fundamental and often explicitly requested), but a Master’s degree signed Up Level. Companies know us and recognize the high level of preparation and skills of our students.



The photos of the students of the Master in Communication, Social Media and Digital Marketing

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