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Web Marketing Manager

Who is the Web Marketing Manager and what does he do?

The Web Marketing Manager is the professional who creates and implements digital marketing strategies to increase the sales, turnover, and commercial success of a company. He knows channels, techniques, and strategies of online advertising, knows how to offer the customer an effective marketing mix with respect to the objectives. He works with (and in some cases coordinates) a team of different figures (Social Media Manager, SEO / SEM Specialist, Web Developer, Media Planner, Graphic Designer), manages and optimizes the budget available to the customer, solves problems, proposes solutions. He knows the reference market and analyzes competitors, customer behavior (acquired and potential), is constantly updated on new tools and possibilities. A figure of great importance in web agencies, media centers, marketing, and communication companies, who can also provide his services as a freelancer.

The required skills

As mentioned, the Web Marketing Manager knows all the digital marketing channels and techniques (Social Media marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliates, display advertising, Google advertising, etc.), the interpretation parameters (CPC, CPM, CTR, etc.), the formats available. He may have started as a Social Media Manager or SEO Specialist, accumulating experience, and implementing skills, knows how to manage a team and work for goals and deadlines.
He’s proactive and customer-oriented, intuitive, and resilient to stress.


The average salary of a Web Marketing Manager is €57,500 gross per year (about €2,720 net per month). The experience and the work context also affect the salary. The average salary of an entry level figure (less than 5 years of experience) is around € 33,000 gross per year, while senior figures with 5-10 years of experience can aspire to salaries from € 40 to € 55,000 gross. It can be even higher (up to almost € 100,000 gross per year) for figures with over 10 years of experience inserted in multinational or very important contexts.

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