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Web Content Specialist

Who is the Web Content Specialist and what does he do?

Content is the King,” said Bill Gates. And he was right, if Content is king, Web Content Specialist is his standard-bearer.
He writes original and SEO-friendly content, articles, copy for sites and e-commerce, online advertising campaigns, often among his duties also includes social media management.

He is a creative, but he also has strategic and analytical skills, monitors results, studies competition. His contents must bring results, intercept, and persuade buyer personas, increase profits and customer brand reputation. He can work in web agencies or in marketing and communication companies but can also provide its services as a freelancer.

The required skills

As mentioned, creativity and copywriting skills are fundamental. But it’s also required to have analytical, strategic skills and a deep knowledge of content marketing techniques and tools. He is a proactive figure and accustomed to meeting goals and deadlines, oriented to team working and problem solving.

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