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SEO Specialist

Who is the Search Engine Optimization Specialist and what does he do?

To sum up, the SEO Specialist is the best friend of your online business.

It is the professional who manages to get qualified traffic to your website, positioning it among the first results of search engines thanks to the selected keywords. He intercepts users’ search and turns it into gold, or at least into traffic. He then creates indexed content, takes care of the structure of the site and its pages to provide a good user experience and internal paths easily readable by search engine crawlers. He studies the competitors positioned among the first results of the engines for the same keywords, uses SEO tools and other technical analysis tools (SEMrush, Seo Zoom, Majestic, Ahrefs, etc.) to monitor results and trends.

The required skills

The best software available to an SEO Specialist is his head, his ability to observe. First, therefore, he must have analytical and deductive skills in his baggage. Web marketing and content marketing skills, SEO-oriented copywriting, in-depth knowledge of search engines and their operation, as well as the SEO Tools, are also fundamental.

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