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Communication Manager

Who is the Communication Manager and what does he do?

The Communication Manager is the professional who coordinates and manages the communication of a brand, an institution, or an organization. It defines the company’s vision and mission, identifies the target, then plans and implements on-line and off-line communication campaigns to promote the brand image and corporate values, pursuing the agreed business objectives.

He coordinates a team composed of press officers, marketers, copywriters, graphic designers, PR workers, social media managers and can also relate to other companies if some of these services are outsourced. He must position the brand on the market and strengthen its positioning, modulate the corporate voice, be a spokesperson on public occasions (events, press conferences) and meet potential customers, investors, journalists, and press officers: create a network of contacts to send press releases, newsletters, and other material on existing projects. In addition to external communication, he can deal with internal, corporate communication, especially in very important realities and multinational contexts.

The required skills

To work as a Communication Manager you need to have a wide knowledge and experience of all communication channels (online and offline), analysis skills (audience and data) and team management: having to coordinate different figures, it is necessary that the Communication Manager has experience (even indirect in some cases) of their respective tasks: he was a senior social media manager, he has copywriting skills, he has dealt with marketing campaigns, he has worked for some time in contact with a graphic designer. He knows how to budget, work for goals and deadlines, is oriented to contact with the customer and other external reference figures.


The average salary of a Communication Manager is around € 69,500 gross per year, about € 3,200 net per month.
The salary can start from a minimum salary of € 41,000 gross, while the maximum can exceed € 128,000. It is a very important figure in the company cadres who finds its place in medium or large companies, multinational contexts, relevant bodies. Much therefore depends on the type of reality in which you operate, and on the experience. The salary of a junior Communication Manager (less than 3 years of experience) can vary from 40,000 to 50,000 € gross, a figure with 4-9 years of experience can expect a gross that is close to 75,000 €. For senior figures, with more than 10 years of experience or at the end of their career, it is not unusual for the salary to exceed € 100,000 gross per year.

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