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Internship Social Media and PR in Milan

Posted 2 months ago

Head hunter start-up dedicated to online job search training, based in Milan, offers internship opportunity in Social Media and PR in Milan.

The resource will deal with the following activities:
-Scouting of content on the web regarding the work, career and personal branding sector;
-Posting on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok);
-Interface with the team of graphic & video creation and development of the website;
-Take care of the relationship with the press office and send it the contents to be published in the newspapers;
-Creation of newsletters;
-Scouting of events to participate in;
-Proposals for engagement ideas for the community;
-Organization of the agenda and appointments for interviews, participation in events and various collaborations.

It requires:
-Passion for social media and in particular Instagram and LinkedIn;
-Curiosity and willingness to learn;
-Basic knowledge of portuguese.

Interested candidates who have finished or are about to finish the master’s degree can attach the updated CV with passport size photo and accompanied by authorization to process personal data to career center.

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