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Internship in Italy

What is the Curricular Internship?

The curricular internship is a trilateral relationship between student, host subject and promoter, activated to  integrate their curriculum and therefore has a formative nature.

It can have a duration ranging from 1 to 6 months, including extensions and does not imply the obligation of remuneration by the host company / institution.

Curricular internships can be promoted by University Educational Institutions authorized to issue academic qualifications, educational institutions that issue qualifications with legal value, professional training centers operating under an agreement with the Region or province or accredited.

The internship experience is conditioned by the presence of a specific agreement stipulated between the training school and the host subject; the agreement signed by both parties makes the collaboration relationship effective, compliant with the law and binding for its entire duration.

Each internship is regulated and formalized by a document called “Training Project”.

The host must indicate a company Tutor, who is entrusted with the task of welcoming and following the student during his experience within the structure, giving assistance in case of need.

The promoter must guarantee its “student-interns” the insurance coverage of competence (for civil liability towards third parties and against accidents at work at the INAIL).


For information on current legislation on internships, we invite you to read the content on the website of the Ministry of Labor, click here for a link


For information on current legislation on occupational safety, click here for a link

Glossary and Terminology

Convention: Agreement that regulates the conduct of internships. It’s signed exclusively by the manager responsible for the School, as a promoter, and by the legal representative of the Company, as the host subject.

Training and orientation project: document that formalizes the internship, which summarizes all the data, and which is drawn up for each individual intern.

Attendance register: Used to record the presence of the intern in the company. The compilation must be accurate for insurance purposes.

Company tutor: The person within the host company who will follow the intern daily and will be his point of reference in the company.

Tutor of the School: internal referent staff of the school that guarantees the congruence of the internship with the path.

Intern: the intern is the student at the school who has completed the teaching activity provided by one of our Masters no later than 12 months from the date of achievement of the title.

Promoter: it’s the School. It prepares the procedure and documentation for the start of the internship, ensures insurance coverage.

Host subject: any public or private entity/company that welcomes the intern for the performance of the planned activities.

Objectives and methods of the internship summarizes the activities that will be carried out by the intern and the ways in which they will be carried out.

Facilities: any reimbursement of expenses, meal vouchers or other benefits provided by the host subject are at its discretion.

Duration of the internship: It has a minimum duration of one month and a maximum duration of six months (extendable to 18 months in the case of students with disabilities). The maximum limits include any extensions. Internships must always have a minimum duration of one month.

End-of-internship questionnaires: These are two evaluation questionnaires intended for both trainees and the host company. They must be completed at the end of the internship period. Their compilation must also be carried out in case of premature interruption of the internship.

Final Certification: At the end of the internship, successfully achieved, a final certificate will be issued.

Tips CV Compilation

The first step in the search for the internship is to draw up a good curriculum

Here is an interesting link where you can find some useful tips for compilation!

Submission of the selection application

The student, who has followed one of the Masters at the School of Management Up Level interested in carrying out a curricular internship is invited to enroll in the Career Center platform where hundreds of internship announcements are published.

After identifying the ads of your interest, you can apply by entering your credentials and clicking the CANDIDATES button, indicating the required data, and attaching the updated CV in word or pdf format, accompanied by the authorization to process personal data.

After sending your CV, you will be contacted by the internship department within the next 48 hours to provide more information about the announcements of interest.

If the student confirms his interest, the CV will be forwarded to companies for evaluation.

Please note that it is up to the host institutions to confirm their willingness to welcome interns, the final approval of their placement in internships (including duration and start and end dates) and their admission to the internship.

Internship activation

After having successfully supported the interview, the necessary documents, Training Project, and Convention are drawn up and must be sent to the school with original signatures to:

Scuola di Management Srl

Piazzale Flaminio 9

00196 Roma

The Training Project and the necessary documentation

The Training Project is the document that formalizes the start of an internship. It must be drawn up for each individual intern and formalizes in a univocal way what and how the activity carried out during the internship will be. This document must be drawn up in four copies before the start of the internship and is mandatory.

The Training Project is drawn up by the School in agreement with the company. The tutor of the School, who works within the Internship office, has the precise task of taking care of the entire bureaucratic process, playing a bridge role between the School, the student and the host company. It is the responsibility of the tutor to verify the congruence of the activity carried out with respect to the training process followed by the student.

The steps for the compilation of the Training Project are as follows:

  • Collection of data relating to the student, including his CV and his hourly and logistical availability.
  • Collection of data relating to the host company, concerning its company name, the related internship positions sought, the objectives and methods of the internship, the specification of any benefits offered to the trainee
  • Stipulation of the related insurance policy.

The Convention

The stipulation of an agreement between the School and an external body, public or private, makes it possible for newly graduated students to carry out internships. Through the Convention, in fact, the mutual obligations with respect to the activities and methods of carrying out the internships are specified.

The document has a general validity and is in force for all members of our School.

Only after the signing of the Agreement, it will be possible to prepare the Training Project that will concern the specific activity of each individual intern.
The Convention, therefore, is indispensable only when you must start an internship: it is not necessary to stipulate a new Convention in the phase of finding an intern and publishing an internship offer.

The School is required: to stipulate the insurance coverage of the intern; sending a copy of the internship documentation and guaranteeing a tutor inside the school who has the precise task of verifying the congruence of the internship activities with the training path followed by the future intern.

The company, defined as the host subject, for its part must inform the intern on the application of the legislation on hygiene, safety and prevention in the workplace, designate a tutor who plays the role of internal contact person for the intern and who follows the activity carried out step by step, communicate in case of accident, the incident to the insurance institutions and for information to the School.

The company will not be in any way obliged to host interns: the Convention makes the internship possible but does not impose it.

There are many companies that collaborate with us, welcoming for a period of internship the future professionals who attend our courses. They are prestigious companies but, above all, serious companies. Companies that can give us a lot in terms of experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Companies to which we ourselves can give a lot, offering them a contact and a comparison with the best candidates for a successful professional future.

Extensions, transfers


The maximum duration is six months. The maximum limits include any extensions. The host institution can request an extension with respect to the duration signed in the Training Project but always in compliance with the limits.

Please note that as required by law, only in the case of initiatives aimed at people with disabilities, the maximum duration of internships can be extended to 18 months.

The request for extension, adequately motivated, must be sent by fax by filling out the downloadable form on this page. It will be subject to evaluation.


All activities that involve a move with respect to the internship location indicated in the Training Project must be communicated by fax to the Internship Office in advance, by filling out the form downloadable on this page.

Insurance Coverage

The intern can count on an insurance coverage valid for the entire period of the internship. It’s also in force when, during the internship activity, the trainee is forced to move with respect to the location declared in the Training Project, provided that such transfers have been planned and promptly communicated to the Internship Office.

It should be kept in mind that all citizens enrolled in the National Health Service have received the European Health Assistance Card (T.E.A.M.) which allows access to health services in the countries of the European Union. The services are free, except for the payment of any ticket or other participation in the expense that is directly borne by the patient. For applicants for internships abroad, please pay attention to the expiry of the card and inquire at your ASL about the timing of the renewal, especially if the card expires during the internship period. More information can be found at:

For internships outside the E.U. (with exceptions) it’s strongly recommended to take out private health insurance with any insurance company or travel agency to avoid incurring any exorbitant medical expenses. It is good to send a scanned copy via email or fax to the Stage Office before leaving. More info, here:


The internship is not configurable as an employment relationship. It follows that it is not subject to economic facilitation by the School. It’s at the discretion of the host institution to grant a possible reimbursement of expenses.

Concluding the Internship

Changes to the Training Project that concern early interruptions, extensions or transfers must be communicated by email to the Internship Office well in advance through the specially prepared form available as a PDF file on this page, as required by current legislation on mandatory communications.

Early Interruption/Termination

The internship can be interrupted earlier than the scheduled deadline. This interruption can be determined either by the will of the intern or for business reasons. In both cases, the Internship Office must be promptly notified of the new completion date. To send this communication, a special document has been drawn up in PDF format to be downloaded.

The interruption of the internship must be considered in the same way as its closure. Therefore, even in this case, it’s necessary to deliver all the documentation to the Internship office (copy of the Training Project, the attendance register and the completion of the internship questionnaires electronically). It will thus be possible to adequately manage the insurance position.

End-of-internship questionnaires

From this page it’s possible to access the mandatory compilation of the questionnaires useful for evaluation purposes about the internship activity. For this purpose, two specific electronic modules have been prepared: one for the intern and another for the company tutor.

The correct and timely compilation will allow our office to monitor the progress of the various internships activated, helping us to detect any problems or possible strengths to be further encouraged to constantly improve the service.

The data will be processed in full compliance with the rules on privacy with exclusive statistical purposes within the office.

The questionnaires are designed to obtain feedback on the following areas:

  • knowledge possessed at the start of the internship.
  • skills gained during and through the internship.
  • correspondence between the activity envisaged in the Training Project and the one carried out.

Questionnaire reserved for the intern

The completion of the questionnaire by the trainee must be notified by post to the Internship Office.

To proceed with the compilation, click HERE.

Questionnaire reserved for the company tutor

The completion of the questionnaire by the company tutor must be notified by post to the Internship Office.

To proceed with the compilation, click HERE.

The original documents must be delivered or sent within five days after the end of the internship to the School of Management, Internship Office:

Up level – Scuola di Management srl

Ufficio Stage

Piazzale Flaminio, 9

00196 Roma

Propose your own contact

If you have independently found a company to do the internship and you have verified with the Internship Office that it is not yet affiliated with the Up Level management school, simply send an email to the following address indicating your personal data, master in which you are enrolled and the name of the company with the email address of the person with whom you are in contact in order to allow the office to contact the company contact person and prepare the documentation necessary (Convention and Training Project).

The school reserves the right not to accept proposals from institutions deemed inadequate, or incomplete or not printed documents on the appropriate forms attached.

To search for an internship, go to the Career Center page.

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