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About Us

Management School Up Level
Management School Up Level

We train professionals.
The best

Level up: literally grow, improve, level up. Up Level: Become what you are meant to be.

Take the road you want to take; we will accompany you to make you a qualified professional.
Up level trains you to emerge, to make a difference, to be the protagonist.

Master Management Alta Specializzazione
Master Management Alta Specializzazione

Invest in your personal growth

Over 30 years of experience give us the opportunity to get to know the world of management at 360 degrees, in every aspect, dynamics and change. Our first goal is to provide students with the same overview as we do.

We propose an extremely tested and functional teaching method, which sees us alternate canonical teaching techniques with extremely innovative approaches, to guarantee our students a training that is rigorous and engaging at the same time.

We aim for excellence, to guarantee an educational offer able to train highly qualified professionals; to do this, we have structured a teaching class of the highest level, composed of many prominent figures active and recognized in their respective sectors.

Scuola di Management Alta Formazione Up Level
Scuola di Management Alta Formazione Up Level

The story

Founded by Fabrizio Serafini, an expert professional, with numerous successes in the managerial sector.
Up level from 1995 to today has to its credit the most interesting human case history in terms of training and hyper specialization.
In 2004 it acquired the ISO 9001 EA sector/s certification of activity: 37 design and delivery of Post-Graduate Masters, and not, and of Training and Professional Updating Courses

In 2009 Accreditation at the Lazio Region
In 2011 Accreditation at the Lombardy Region
In 2016 Accreditation at the Campania Region

A training mission that is reflected on the market and that becomes a valuable point of reference for companies that intend to include highly specialized professionals in their staff able to independently hold managerial positions and responsibilities.

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