Up level – School of Management, established in 1995 with offices in Milan, Rome and Naples.

The best professionals grow here

To level up means growing, bettering oneself, stepping up. However, more than that, Up Level, School of Management, means becoming. Up Level cares about formation by fulfilling its mission in the deepest and most noble meaning of the term: to form a new way of being, to transfer the theoretical and empirical knowledge into a new way of acting. To put into practice that divine virtue that Dante set aside and dedicated to the teachers and the scholars of the ancient Greece; Up Level does it in the third millennium, with the exact same purpose: to form competent individuals, able to complete the cognitive
excursus and put into practice the acquired lessons.

Entrusting Up Level means investing in your own professional growth

Up Level, School of Management founded on the most modern teaching methods and specializations, constitutes a focal point made from high value educational and experiential components, dedicated to a target of specific and demanding individuals. High school and university graduates and professionals with relevant work experience turn to Up Level to excel in their jobs. Companies rely on Up Level knowing it is focused on total quality, efficiency and results.

Our Story

Founded by Fabrizio Serafini, professional expert, with a background of numerous managerial successes. From 1995 Up Level accounts for some of the most interesting cases in terms of education and hyper-specialization.
In 2004 gains the ISO 9001:200 certification in the Sector EA: 37 Master’s planning and delivery, as well as continuing education courses and refresher training classes.
In 2009 gains the accreditation by the Lazio region, and in 2011 it is accredited by the region of Lombardia and in 2016 accredited by the region of Campania.

An educational mission that finds acknowledgement within the relevant market and that becomes a reference point for the companies looking to recruit highly specialized professionals who will be able to work independently on managerial and referential positions.


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